Software used: Photoshop, Poser, XSI
Realization time: approximately one week

Another male subject for this work. Why clients doesn’t ask me to make a nice woman!?
I made a part of this book cover in 3d graphic (xsi for the helmet and poser for the basic reference face),
but the most part of work was made in photoshop.
I shot some reference photos for skin textures and hairs (thanks to Lorenzo for posing :) ).
There’s a lot of painting in this work. The beard is totally painted too.
About the helmet : modelled by Gabriele Sina, I did texturing, lighting, shading.

Here you have some full resolution details:

This image below shows the workflow from the end to the begin:

Here you have some reference photos used:

In the following images I try to explain how I worked on hairs:

This is the printed book photo:

I hope you have found this making of interesting.
Cheers. :)